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Tutima Glashütte, honoured ‘Manufacture of the Year 2018’, was founded 1927 in Glashütte. The family owned company has dedicated its engineering creativity to the development of highly functional watches: robust, precise, reliable.

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Uncompromising functionality and absolute reliability are the basic principles of a professional timing instrument. The NATO chronograph by Tutima, developed in 1984 and the official service watch of the German army’s pilots to this day, has outstandingly proven itself in global use for decades. Now the M2 arrives to continue this classic timepiece’s success story.

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The appeal of the Tutima Tempostopp derives from its timeless elegance and artisanally consummate manufacture technology. Tutima caliber T659 is one of the rare German-made “flyback” calibers. This caliber with 236 parts was developed by Tutima and superlatively unites experience, patience and precise hand craftsmanship.