Laurent Ferrier

As a third-generation watchmaker, Laurent Ferrier has always believed in perpetuating long-established Swiss horology. The Geneva-based watchmaker spent 37 years at Patek Phillipe before setting up his own brand in 2010. His creation’s hallmark is the harmony between pure, balanced design inspired by history and technique. Since 2010, he has created timepieces steeped in the finest haute horology traditions.

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The case and integrated bracelet of the Sport Auto are a refined interplay of firm and rounded curves enlivened by a few counter-curves outlining a bodywork with a perfectly balanced design. A sapphire crystal case back reveals a 72-hour power reserve automatic movement with impeccable finishes.

Sincere Fine Watches


“The Sport Auto is a tribute piece to the extraordinary adventure that we experienced as young men.” The two founders of LAURENT FERRIER took part in the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Although they had participated in this race multiple times, 1979 remains unforgettable.